Wednesday, November 4, 2015

cute gift ideas for girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend

Don't send flowers again.  Send something different this time.  Use to send your loved one an animal figurine with an amusing custom message.  The figurines are cute collectible animal figurines and the messages that are sent with them typically contain an animal-related pun intended to bring the recipient some laughter and joy.  This is a unique gift experience that is sure to delight and surprise your girlfriend or spouse and it will make you a hero in the process

Suggestions and sample messages are provided for every animal available.  Here are some examples of what you can send through

A bunny with the message ‘Some Bunny loves you’
A cat with the message 'Don't change. You're puuurfect'
A panda bear with the message 'I can BEARly wait to see you again'
An octopus with the message 'I can't wait to put my arms around you'
A zebra with the message 'I hope we are married for more years than a zebra has strips'
A lion with the message 'I wasn't lion when I said I love you'
A bumble bee with the message 'I only want to BEE with you'

There are many more to choose from.  In fact, you can click on the 'Sample Messages' link at the top of the SendAnimal website to see suggested messages for all of the animal figurines available.  Each message is printed on a message card which is placed in a small box with the animal selected.  It is a great way to send a personalized gift to your girlfriend or wife.  The message printed on the message card is completely up to you but is usually an animal-related joke that is sure to bring some joy to the recipient. 

Send Animal has many great looking animal figurines to choose from.  They are all highly detailed, hand painted collectible figurines of a high quality.  They are very cute gifts and often become nice keepsakes that are often placed on a shelf or desk giving the recipient a memory of your nice gesture for years to come unlike flowers which die in a week. isn't just for girlfriend or wife gifts.  Use it to send a personalized gift to anyone; a friend, boyfriend, husband, co-worker, parent, etc.

The prices are very reasonable.  Orders can be sent anywhere in the United States.  So if you are looking to send someone an inexpensive
personalized gift and don’t want to spend a ton of money on flowers that will be dead in a week, head over to  You won’t be sorry.


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